Dempsey Resource Management Inc.

Unit 405 and 504 Vicars Building
Philippines , 1128

Company Overview

Dempsey Resource Management INC. (DEMPSEY) provides an alternative, back-office manpower sourcing, and recruitment services to fill up various job positions in your organization.

Dempsey will provide the Client companies with several candidates for the job position that needs to be filled up free of charge. These candidates will be pre-screened and pre-qualified to determine whether their qualifications and/or competencies match with the requirements set by the Client for the desired job position.

Why Join Us?

Dempsey Resource Management Inc. (DEMPSEY) is committed to finding our candidates the right job in the right company. We make a preliminary assessment of the candidates’ qualifications and match them with that of our Clients’ requirements.

DEMPSEY does not charge any fee to our Candidates, whether or not they are successfully hired.

By applying through email, the Applicants’ resumes will automatically be put on our active file. Once we determine that your qualification and/or experience matches that of the Clients’ requirements, we shall endorse you to the Client for their own screening and short-listing.

The general information about the Client and other relevant matters will be discussed with you once our Client informs us to schedule you for your interviews and evaluation process.

Once endorsed, our Candidate will have a better opportunity of getting hired.

Company Preview

Average application processing time
More than 2 weeks

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Company Size
25 employees


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