Boiler Technician - 1

Full-time Work Set Up:

Boiler Technician - 1



1. Ensures that the boiler runs as planned safely and efficiently.
2. Observes pressure, temperature, and draft meters on panel to verify specified operation of automatic combustion control systems, feed water regulators, stoker, pulverizer, and fuel grates.
3. Turns valves and adjusts controls to set specific fuel feed, draft openings, water level, and steam pressure of boiler.
4. Operates and monitors boiler operation and makes the necessary adjustments to ensure there is enough fuel feed, draft opening, water level to attain the required steam pressure of the boiler.
5. Performs key tests on blow bys and treats boiler feed water with chemicals needed in the operation of the boiler in coordination with his supervisor.
6. Tests and treats boiler feed water, using specified chemicals.
7. Coordinates with the chemist on the water analysis and other needed laboratory assistance.
8. Observes boiler and auxiliary units to detect malfunction and performs repairs, tightening pipes and fittings and boiler troubleshooting.
9. Accomplishes operating data sheet and turn-over logbook.
10. Monitors, records and makes reports on boiler operations like meter and gauge reading of water level, steam production and fuel consumption and properly files the records.
11. Takes water, fuel and other samples for submission to the laboratory for analysis.
12. Takes flue gas samples for analysis when needed.
13. Conducts regular boiler water blowdowns and makes necessary operational adjustments to attain the required water quality.
14. Maintains log of meter and gauge readings and record data, such as water test results and quantity of fuel consumed.
15. Performs start-up, shutdown and emergency procedures.
16. Operates heavy equipment like forklift when needed.
17. Prepares chemicals and apply treatment to the boiler in accordance with the recommendation of the supplier.
18. Performs preventive and corrective maintenance activities as needed during operation and scheduled shutdowns.
19. Supports and participates on the implementation of the pollution control and safety program of the plant.
20. Sees to it that the plant is HSSE compliant during his shift.
21. Performs regular housekeeping to keep the boiler area clean and safe.
22. Performs other job related tasks as will be assigned by his superior.


- PLC or DCS knowledgeable
- Computer literate
- Knows maintenance works related to the technician profession- mechanical, electrical or instrumentation
- Knowledgeable in operating plant equipment like pumps, heat exchangers, blowers, agitators and valves
- Knowledgeable in the operation of PLC both at the control room and field

- Knowledgeable in troubleshooting pump problems
- Knowledgeable in dismantling pumps and blowers to do repair

- Knowledgeable in troubleshooting electrical/motor problems
- Knowledgeable in tracing electrical/circuit problems
- Knowledgeable in power supply and motor controls

- Knowledgeable in PLC and its troubleshooting
- Knowledgeable in instrumentation and its controls
- Knowledgeable in instrument checking and calibration

-Must be Licensed Mechanical Engineer

- Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Mechanical or Electrical (or related course but with at least 3 years work experience as Boiler Technician)

Work location: CME Plant, Irasan (Dipolog): Brgy. Lower Irasan, M. A. Roxas, Zamboanga del Norte.

Interested applicants may text their COMPLETE NAME, ADDRESS, and POSITION to 0935-039-3770

Job Type: Full-time


Bachelor's/College Degree
Field of study
Engineering (Petroleum/Oil/Gas)
Oil/Gas Engineering


Average application processing time
Less than 1 week

Dress Code


Telephone No.
+63 917 720 1349

Mobile No.
+63 7 954 6256

Company Size
5000 employees


Working Hours
8:00 am-5:00 pm
8:00 am-5:00 pm
8:00 am-5:00 pm
8:00 am-5:00 pm
8:00 am-5:00 pm


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